Lev Slepner


The endorser of Yamaha, Istanbul Agop, Encore Mallets (USA) and MalletKAT (USA) products.


Lev Slepner was born in Moscow. In 1991 he graduated from the School of Gnesin (the violin class of E.T. Chalbash) and entered the State School of Wind Art (the class of G.V. Butov). Graduated cum laude.


In 1994 Lev entered The Russian Gnesin Academy of Music (the class of D.M. Lukianov) and chose “Marimba” as his instrument. Graduated in 2000 cum laude. In 2001 he finished postgraduate studies in The Russian Gnesin Academy of Music.


Lev Slepner is a “Triumph” award winner (the youth section) as a composer and the best jazz musician of 2002.

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Photo by Natalia Gabbasova

He is also the author of his own technique of studying whythms called “System of Circles”. He created a book called “School of Rhythm and Drums” which many students use for practicing. In 2019 founded Lev Slepner's School of Rhythm.


As a composer Lev Slepner has created and written music for documentary, animation, feature films and TV series including:

Documentary series “White Master” (“Quadro Media Group”)

For animation films by Julia Aronova (“Animos” film studio):

“Beatle, Boat, Apricot” (nominated for the “Nika” award)

“Eskimo” (participated in the competitive program of the Open Russian Festival of Animation in Suzdal, 2005)

“Mother and Music” (best soundtrack award in Suzdal)

“Camilla” (the Grand Prix of the “Moscow Debuts” Festival)

“My Mother is an Airplane” (the award for the Best Movie for Children following the results of the Open Russian Festival of Animation in Suzdal, 2013; best soundtrack award Cinanima in Portugal, 2013).


Best soundtrack awards of composer Lev Slepner for animated films of director Yulia Aronova:


Open Russian Animation Festival 2007

“Best sound and music” award ("Mother and Music")


Cinanima 2013 Portugal

The best soundtrack ("My Mother is an airplane")


Krok 2013 Russia-Ukraine

Prise of Alexander Tatarsky


Baltic Herring Short Film Competition2013 


2th Prise


Monstra 2014


Special Jury Mention


ANNI-Nominatation  2014    

Best Short Film



13 October 2014

12th Biennial of Animation Bratislava - BAB 2014

Grand Prix


Airoport Film Festival Sapporo Japan

Special Prix


Kroq-Anime 2015

Paris France

"The Best Music" ("One, Two, Tree")


marimba plus маримба плюс